How long does it take to be bodypainted? Bodypainting can take anywhere from an hour to 6 full hours.  It depends on the design, the amount of detail required, and how much of the body will be painted.  Pre-Natal Bellypainting takes less time than painting a T-shirt or corsette.   A full Body Bodypainting will take anywhere from 4-6 hours.  What extras do you use for Bodypainting? Headpieces make a beautiful addition to a full bodypainting.  They are hand made and designed specifically for a certain theme and/or person.  As well, feathers, gems, wings, armbands, shoes, and other accessories that are not painted can be made and coordinated to improve the overall look of what the artist and model are wanting to achieve. 
Do you paint in private or in public?
Solo Body Art normally paints Pre-Natal Bellypainting in Private.  Most custom Halloween or Glamour designs that are painted are also done in private and photos are taken immediately after the painting is done. SoloBodyArt is available to paint in public upon request.  Bodypainting on arms, shoulders, faces, etc, can be painted at a private party, or in a club setting.  Waiters and Waitresses can be painted on-site for specific theme events.   Alternatively, a model can be bodypainted in private and then showcased at  your specific event for advertising purposes.  Bodypainting can be set up to be done at a Professional Photographers Studio if the client wishes to have Professional Photography done immediately after being painted.  This can be arranged upon consultation. Primary Consideration is given to the artist and model in terms of comfort, safety, appropriate and comfortable conditions, including warmth and lighting, before any contract is confirmed. Please don't hesitate to discuss this topic with your artist.

What does Professional Bodypainting cost?

Fees for Bodypainting services vary.   Fee for service is generally $125/hour.  However, I offer Pre-Natal Bellypainting for a flat rate of $75. I provide written estimates for specific requests as most situations differ.  Time required, amount of detailed the design, whether you wish custom headpieces, or custom colors to be brought in, logo work, and time available, are all factored in to a final estimated price.Please contact SoloBodyArt to discuss what your Bodypainting experience requires!

How long does the paint last?
Professional Bodypaint can last for up to 12 hours depending on the amount of care taken to protect the artwork.  Water-based paints are used, so if you happen to be caught in the rain, or in a sprinkler, it will start to run off.  If someone bumps into you and their drink spills, your design will be affected.  If you intend to be bodypainted and then go to an event, care must be taken to cover yourself with a soft, loose coat or blanket so that the paint is not rubbed off as the model walks or is drive to their destination.  A cape works well.  You must also have permission to be nude or semi-nude at your event.  In order to remove the bodypaint, it is important that the model uses SHAMPOO first over the paint, then add water from a shower, and additional shampoo as required.  The bodypaint is water-based however contains very high pigments so soap does not work well.  It is also very important to apply the Shampoo before getting into the water. I am interested in being a Bodypainting Model.
In order to be a Professional Bodypainted Model, you must  have experience in Professional Modelling, being professionally photographed, and insured.   Please contact Solo Body Art to have your portfolio viewed.  Model Release must be signed by professional or non-professional models at all times. Please contact Solo Body Art for more information!
I am a Professional Photographer and would like to know more.
Solo Body Art is looking for Professional Photographers who have their appropriate accreditation and skills for Photographing People, Fashion, or Glamour work.  Please contact Solo Body Art to meet with the artist so we can discuss your porfolio and terms of service. Do you teach bodypainting? Can I watch you bodypainting?
No.  I am not a Master Instructor and do not teach bodypainting at this time. NO,you are not allowed to visit to watch me bodypaint a client.  It is a personal creative experience, that is about artwork and creating beautiful images on the human canvas.   This is not a sexual business in any shape or form.   Curious onlookers are not allowed into private sessions nor are photos allowed to be taken by anyone other than the artist, the Professional Photographer assigned to the project, or a person known to the Model without written authority.  No exceptions. Should the Bodypainting be in a Public Place, then any photo taken must give proper accreditation to the artist, the model, and photographer and is subject to creative copywrite laws in Canada.

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