" Lori Ann has always been a real pleasure to work with anytime we have toured through Alberta. Her committed dedication to the Art form is like witnessing a Rose comming into bloom. Ace Angels in a National Alliance of recognized award winning Body Artists and we are proud to have Lori join us every time. Thank you Lori for maintaining our signature quality respresenting your Ace Family as well as your personal best. Designs well done (Early I might Ad) on The Morning Show With Terry & Bill at 97 K-ROCK Radio as well the media that tend to follow us. Looking forward to this years Taboo 2011 in November with you!!"

Michael S Nault Executive Director Ace Angels International Body Painting & Event Architects http://www.ace-angels.com

"I had asked Lori to paint me up as Medusa for my annual halloween party - and oh my WOW is all I can say, and that is what all my guest ssaid too! Lori was great to work with, she made me feel welcome and comfortable during the painting process and the results speak for themselves. If I ever need face or body paint for any event again, I can guarantee that Lori will be the one to do it!!! " Dana B. Happy Customer
"For the last three years, Lori has transformed my face into a complete work of art in order to enhance my Halloween masquerade costume. Whether a skull, scarecrow or court jester, I have been the envy of everyone at the party. I am looking forward to this year once again. I would highly recommend using Lori for any quality face or body painting job!" SS Shad Smereka
Halloween Masquerade Junkie

"I'm really looking forward to getting together with you again! I can't believe its been a year already. Last year was a Complete HIT! I really turned a lot of Heads and people were absolutely amazed! Some didn't even think it was paint. I got a million compliments. I entered in the Contest and Won A 500 cash prize for Best Costume so thank you!! I had an amazing time and felt Super Great!! I cannot wait to do it again this year." T.L. Netyri, Avatar